Educational Resources

The Dada Divas team is deeply committed to arts education and offers educators a wide array of opportunities for integrating this project into classrooms and curricula across disciplines. Be it a college-level art history course or a middle school social studies class, Dada Divas provides rich points of entry for students of various ages and educational levels. Educator guides, project-based lesson plans, curricular tie-ins, supplemental reading suggestions, and even a full-semester syllabus are available upon request. 

In addition, the Dada Divas team has developed a highly flexible workshop structure in which high school or college students build their own modular, non-linear musical/theatrical performance based on the work of female Dadaists. Guided by the artists of the Dada Divas team in collaboration with instructors from their own institution, students can research and devise their own tribute to the forgotten mamas of Dada. Such a workshop was piloted in the Spring of 2016 at the California Institute of the Arts. Click here for more information on the students' project, including photos from their performance.

For more information about educational resources, please contact Jacqueline Bobak at